How to Keep Your Neighbors Happy During Your Home Improvement Project

Home should be a place you go to relax, unwind, and otherwise be comfortable. Our neighbors play a big role in how comfortable we are in our own homes. We all want to have and be good neighbors, but when a large home improvement project takes place, it can strain even the best of neighborly relationships. 

Home improvement projects can be loud, dirty, and disruptive, which can grate on any person’s nerves. If you’re planning a major home improvement project, follow the rules below to ensure you’re not bothering your neighbors too much. 

Let Your Neighbors Know of Your Plans

Before any construction begins, let your nearby neighbors know what your plans are. Take your blueprints along and show them what’s going to happen. If there are any objections, work together to come up with an agreeable compromise. Of course, as long as your project is legal, you don’t really have to consider their objections, but it’s a good idea to listen and do your best to figure out something that works for both of you.

Be Honest

When talking with your neighbors, be honest about things like the timeline for the project and what periods of the day will be noisiest. Don’t downplay or sugarcoat anything. Encourage them to be honest with you as well if they are being inconvenienced in some way. And lastly, be upfront with your architect or contractor about any restrictions or times of day he should try to be quieter to respect a neighbor’s schedule. 

Be Empathetic

Informing your neighbors of your impending home renovation project is an exercise in empathy. Take it further by making sure any debris that finds its way over the property lines is cleaned up and that work vehicles and/or dumpsters stay out of your neighbor’s way. Think about the things that would bother you if your neighbor were conducting the project instead of you and do your best to avoid these issues as your project progresses. 

Be Available and Respond Right Away

Give your neighbors your contact information so they can get in touch with you if they have a problem with your project. This is a great idea as it may save you from having to deal with the police when a disgruntled neighbor can’t get a hold of you to complain about being inconvenienced by your renovation project. 

Solve Your Neighbor’s Issues

If you know your home improvement project is going to cause issues for your neighbor, address the issue yourself before it becomes a big problem. 

For example, if you know your neighbor’s car will likely be covered in dust from a drywalling or carpentry project, offer to pay for car washes for their car while construction is going on. 

Be Thankful

When the project is complete, take the time to personally thank each neighbor for their patience. Bring along some token of your appreciation such as a bottle of wine or some fresh baked goods to show your gratitude and to further foster a good neighborly relationship.