8 Creative Tricks To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel Bigger

Small bathrooms can be challenging to use. They often feel cramped, have little natural lighting and even less storage space. Whether your tiny bathroom is the only bathroom you have or it’s a secondary bathroom that’s putting a cramp in your style, the following creative tricks can make it look and feel bigger – no major renovations required. 

Make The Room Brighter

Tiny spaces often feel dark, so by brightening the room, it will automatically feel bigger. Natural lighting is the best way to brighten a room. If you have a window in your small bathroom, avoid covering it completely to allow as much light to flood the room as possible. 

Alternately, you can make the room appear brighter by painting the walls a light color. Use the same color for the walls and ceiling to instantly make the room feel double in size. 

Hang Mirrors

Every bathroom already has a mirror over the sink, but by adding additional mirrors and/or bigger mirrors, the reflected light lends an air of spaciousness in a tiny room.

Keep Storage Minimal

While it’s important to have places to put your things in a bathroom, it’s also important to know that any kind of shelving or cabinetry that sticks out from the wall will chop the space and make it appear boxed in. 

Try to choose storage options that recess into the wall to allow the eye to flow from one end to the other without obstruction. 

Avoid Clutter

Small bathrooms have little room to spare, making it easy to fill the space with clutter. Try to avoid cluttering the space by paring down what’s inside to just the bare necessities. If you don’t need it in the bathroom, store it somewhere else. 

Hang Curtains at Ceiling Level

By raising the shower curtain bar and any window treatment rods to the ceiling, you draw the eye upward and make the room appear bigger. 

Put the Bathmat Away

When you’re done bathing, put the bathmat away. If you leave the bathmat on the floor, it makes the room look smaller. By exposing more of the flooring, however, the room automatically feels more spacious. 

Get Rid of A Swinging Door

This trick requires a little light remodeling, but once complete, it will add more usable space to your tiny bathroom.

Remove a swinging door and install a pocket or sliding barn door instead. 

*Note: anything farm or barn related is trendy in home décor right now!

Install A Pedestal Sink

You can free up more real estate in a tiny powder room by doing away with a vanity sink and replacing it with one on a pedestal. While you won’t have the storage underneath that vanity sinks afford, you can opt for a wall-mounted option designed for bathroom accessories instead. 

Using a small bathroom can make you feel like you’re trapped in a box. The good news is, by using the tips listed above, you can make the space look and feel bigger.