Effortless Bathtub Cleaning

No one really likes cleaning their bathtub. The chore is backbreaking at best. That said, you can’t put off giving your bathtub a thorough scrubbing forever, but you can make the job easier by conducting some super easy maintenance cleaning. This maintenance cleaning is so easy, we hesitate to call it actual cleaning, but trust us when we tell you that if you do it, you’ll have a sparkling clean bathtub with little to no effort at all. 

Rinse the Tub After Each Use

When you’re done taking a shower or giving the kids a bath, take a few seconds to rinse down the entire bathtub and the tub surround. This simple act will get rid of a lot of the soap scum that builds up between cleanings. 

When you’re done rinsing off, let the water run for 30 seconds or so to wash down any soap residue and hair that’s left behind. When the last child has finished bathing, turn the shower on for a few seconds and let the water run until no soap bubbles or hair remain. 

Spray the Bathtub A Couple Times a Week

Most supermarkets carry sprays designed to clean bathtubs and showers between deep cleanings, but these products can be expensive. You can make your own shower spray simply by purchasing a cheap spray bottle and filling it with distilled white vinegar. 

Vinegar is a natural cleaner with anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a great choice for a bathtub cleaning spray. Once or twice a week, after showering and rinsing the tub, spray a thin layer of vinegar over everything including the shower curtain. The vinegar will loosen and remove any soap deposits that remain and kill any germs lingering behind. If you’re worried about the smell, don’t. Once the vinegar dries, the smell dissipates, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent. 

Use a Long-Handled Scrub Brush

If the nooks and crannies in your bathtub have a tendency to attract excess soap scum and/or gunk, use a long-handled scrub brush after spraying the area down with vinegar to loosen it up so it can be rinsed away. Regular scrubbing like this will keep you from having to spend time on your knees scrubbing as if your life depended on it when you give the tub a thorough cleaning. 

Cleaning the bathtub is a chore no one really likes to do, but it’s something that has to be done. If you follow the tips above, cleaning your bathtub will be easier than ever and you’ll always have a sparkling clean bathtub.