Waterproofing Projects That Will Protect Your Home And Increase It’s Value

Anytime you make upgrades that increase your home’s value, it’s a good thing. Not all home improvement projects are worth the expense, but the following waterproofing projects not only protect your home but they also up its worth. 

Increase Your Home’s Worth by Increasing Its Livable Space

Many homes have basements, but not all basements are considered livable spaces. This is usually because they are not properly waterproofed. If you have a basement that you’d like to use as a livable space, and thus, increase your home’s value, call in a professional to complete the waterproofing process. 

Proper Waterproofing in the Bathroom can Increase Your Home’s Value

A spa-like vibe in the bathroom is always a plus, and you can achieve that feeling by installing a wall-less shower. Of course, this means making sure all adjacent surfaces are waterproof to reduce mold and mildew growth and keep your bathroom oasis easy to maintain. Again, waterproofing professionals, as well as a reputable plumber can make sure the shower drains well and that all surfaces that need to be are water-resistant. 

Foundation Waterproofing is a Must

Without the proper waterproofing on your home’s foundation, moisture gets inside and causes all sorts of damage. From mold and mildew growth to rotting and deterioration, your home cannot afford poor foundation waterproofing. 

Furthermore, if you ever try to sell your home after water or moisture has caused damage to its structure and foundation, you won’t be able to ask as much as you hoped because the property will be worth less. 

Install Waterproof Flooring to Enjoy Your Floors Longer

The flooring in your home takes a beating, especially if you have pets or young children. Today’s trendy flooring options – hardwood and laminate, to be specific – can have seams that allow liquids to seep underneath. These spills can cause warping in the sub-floor, which over time can cause odors and unsightly damage. 

Installing a waterproof barrier layer underneath your flooring not only protects the sub-floor underneath, but it extends the life of your floors so you can enjoy them longer. 

Don’t wait until water damage has already occurred before you consider taking measures to waterproof your home. Although you can repair water damage, it’s much easier and less expensive to take a pre-emptive approach and waterproof your home beforehand.