How To Instill Good Habits In Your Real Estate Business

While some people are very successful in the real estate world, the reality is many fail. Why is this? One of the reasons is the habits a person practices, not just at work, but also in their personal life. Good habits lead you down the road to success, while bad ones almost always result in failure. 

So, how can you get rid of the bad habits and instill new, constructive ones that will ensure your success in real estate? Find out below!

How To Create A New Habit 

Sometimes habits are as natural as breathing. Our brains create strategies (habits) to solve a problem, but that doesn’t mean that all habits are good ones. For example, binge-watching Netflix after work every day rather than studying isn’t helpful or healthy in the long run. It is, however, helpful in the short term as it allows you to destress and unwind after a hard day. 

With this said, you can train your brain to embrace healthy, good habits, and here’s how. 

Let’s say your goal is to prospect for leads regularly. There are four steps to creating a habit.

  1. Make it logical
  2. Make it something you look forward to doing.
  3. Make it easy.
  4. Make it rewarding.

To make it logical, you need to make yourself accountable for the task. It needs to be obvious that you’ll be prospecting, so set an alarm, ask a coworker to remind you, or whatever it takes to get you on track to prospect at a specific time. 

Next, you need to make prospecting appealing. You can do this by pairing the task with something you enjoy. For example, make your favorite snack to eat while you work. This will give you something to look forward to, and thus, you’ll look forward to prospecting. 

The next step is to make prospecting as easy as possible. Get rid of distractions and clear your schedule for the duration. 

Finally, make prospecting rewarding. You don’t have to give yourself an actual award like an hour break or a sugary treat, but you can use an app on your phone that lets you see your progress. If you’d rather, you can also use a calendar to mark off the days/times you prospect. Being able to see how many times you’ve done something encourages you to keep the streak going. 

How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Once a habit is established, it can be difficult to undo it. It’s not impossible, though. The trick is to make doing the habit as difficult and as unsatisfying as possible. You’ll want to have a trusted friend or family member keep you accountable for breaking the habit, as well. Do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to keep yourself from doing the bad habit. It may take weeks to undo, but if you’re persistent, you can break bad habits that bring you down.