Decorate Your Home Office For Productivity And Motivation

We’ve had to find room in our homes for an office. In some instances that space is simply a corner in the living room, while some are lucky enough to have an entire room to dedicate to the cause. 

Whatever the case in your home, your office space should be conducive to productivity. To learn how to decorate your home office so it motivates you to get the job done, read the tips below. 

Choose The Right Location

If you have a choice for your home office location, choose a room or space with a positive vibe. Lots of sunshine will help you feel motivated, while the proper temperature will keep you comfortable while you work. 

Keep Your Home Office Organized

An organized office is a productive office, so make it a point to keep things neat and tidy in your home office. Use plenty of storage and organizational solutions that take advantage of the space you have and don’t forget to utilize your vertical space with shelving or hooks. 

The trick to making organizing fun is to bring some personality and color into play. For example, on bookshelves, align the books by color and add accent pieces in bold colors to add interest to the display. 

Add A Sofa

If your office space permits, add a comfy sofa to the mix. A sofa is a perfect place to take a break, answer a phone call, or converse with family members when they stop in. 

When choosing a sofa for your home office, consider something bold or brightly colored to add some fun and interest to your office space. 

Decorate With Greenery

Plants add a nice touch in any setting, and they’re especially lovely in a home office. Some great plants to consider include spider and snake plants, Ficus trees, ferns, and succulents. If you spend a great deal of time in your home office, you’ll especially appreciate the greenery as it helps purify the air, too. 

Use Metallic Accents For Sophisticated Glam

Metallic accents add sophisticated glam to any space. Choose one type of metal: gold, silver, bronze, etc., and add accent pieces here and there to dress up your décor. 

Keep in mind that you should avoid mixing different metallics, though, as doing so can end up looking tacky. 

Your home office should be a place that encourages productivity, but at the same time, it should showcase your personality. Follow the tips above to create a home office that motivates you to get the job done.