7 Tips to Create the Perfect Laundry Room

Invest in New Appliances

If you’ve been using the same old washer and dryer for a decade or more and your budget allows, replace them with something new, sleek, and energy efficient. Not only will new appliances encourage you to use them, but they will also lower your energy bills and make your laundry room look great. 

Install Cabinets and Shelves

Regardless of its size, every laundry room needs cabinets and/or shelving to help keep it organized. Cabinets or shelving above the washer and dryer give you plenty of space for things like laundry detergent, fabric softener and the like, while a bar hung conveniently nearby gives you plenty of space to hang clothing to dry. 

Use All the Space You Have

If your laundry room lacks space, be sure to utilize all the space you have to the fullest. Purchase over-the-door hooks and storage systems to help you keep those things you need handy and organized so your room doesn’t feel cluttered and chaotic. Be sure to use empty wall space and corners for storage as well.

Create a Sorting System

Whether you live alone or you’re doing laundry for the entire family, having a sorting system saves time on laundry day. Assign each family member their own basket or laundry bag and encourage them to use it throughout the week. Alternately, you can teach everyone to sort their clothing as you require to make it even easier when laundry day arrives.

The Magic of Good Lighting

Proper lighting is something most people don’t think about for the laundry room. For whatever reason, it isn’t as important as say, the lighting in the living room. The reality is, however, that good lighting in the laundry room is just as important, especially if the room is located in the far reaches of your home’s basement. Installing a lovely light fixture that allows light to bathe the entire room will not only make the space more functional, but it will also make it more inviting. 

Choose the Right Flooring

Your laundry room floor is sure to suffer the occasional detergent or water spill. For this reason, carpeting and other fabric flooring options just don’t make sense. Choose instead something that’s low maintenance, easy to clean, and as water resistant as possible, which will add functionality and beauty to the room. 

Have a Folding Table

No laundry room is complete without some sort of folding table. Whether it’s a permanent shelf installed along the wall or a rolling cart/table you bring out when it’s time to fold the clothes, it’s important you have a dedicated space to conduct this step in the laundry process to make it easier and more efficient. 

While most people wouldn’t call the laundry room their favorite, it can still be a nice place to spend time doing laundry if you use the tips outlined above.