Fun Ideas For Creating A Kid-Friendly Kitchen

With the kitchen being the center of most households, it is a space of many uses for the various members of the family. As such, small children also need to be able to use the space easily and safely. If you have kids in your home, use the following ideas to create a child-friendly kitchen.

Ample Space

Kids love to run around and skip along, so having a kitchen with plenty of space not only gives them the room they need to be kids, but it also makes the room feel spacious and airy. The last thing you want when you’re hosting a family get-together is for everyone to feel cramped because they insist on keeping you company as you cook. 

Ideally, you’ll want to spread your equipment and appliances out as much as you can to give each area ample room to work, as well as plenty of room for youngsters to do their thing.

A Kitchen Island

When you have kids you always seem to have an endless supply of Tupperware containers, plastic cups and bowls, and lunchboxes. A kitchen island is a perfect place to store these things, especially if your kids are old enough to help themselves to a drink or a snack. 

Furthermore, the kitchen island adds extra workspace, as well as extra eating space if you wish to have it do double-duty as a breakfast bar.

Kid-Friendly Amenities

If your kids love to help you in the kitchen, it’s a great idea to have things on hand to make it easier to do so. A folding step-stool will help your little ones reach the countertop, while plastic utensils are lighter and safer than metal ones, so they can help stir their favorite cookie dough.

Interactive Kitchen Décor

Since a lot of daily activities take place in the kitchen, it’s a great place to have an interactive décor that encourages the kids to strive to do better. From a rewards system mounted on the fridge to an inspiring quote of the day scrawled across a wall-mounted chalkboard, your kids will be encouraged to be more positive and motivated just by having a part in the interactive décor of the kitchen. 

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s definitely true in most households. As such, it’s important that the room is usable for everyone – right down to the smallest members of the family. Try one or all of the ideas above to make your kitchen as kid-friendly as possible so your youngsters can enjoy the space as well.