Cleaning Tips For Moving Out Of A Rental

If you’re moving out of your rental unit and aren’t sure how you should leave it, this article is for you. Most landlords include provisions in their leases for how they expect their tenants to clean their rentals when they move out. Below are several things you can do to clean your rental when you move out.

Consult Your Lease

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to consult your lease. While you know the unit should be clean and free of all your things, there may be specific instructions for things you hadn’t considered such as cleaning the carpets or applying a fresh coat of paint.

Repair Any Damage

This goes without saying, but any damages you fail to address can lessen or even eliminate the return of your security deposit. Patch holes in the walls, scrub away scuff marks on walls and floors and replace anything you removed because it didn’t suit your taste.

Be Honest About Damages You Can’t Fix

If there is any damage you aren’t able to fix yourself, be honest and tell your landlord. While you’re still likely to be responsible for it, your landlord will appreciate the honesty and possibly give you a break. Furthermore, he may be more apt to give you a positive reference should your next landlord give him a call.

Hire A Cleaning Crew

If cleaning isn’t your thing, or you don’t have time to get it all done by yourself, there’s no shame in hiring a cleaning crew. More often than not, these companies know what cleaning for a rental property entails and they will do a proper job. Be sure to tell them to alert you to any damage they find so you can address it or let the landlord know.

Know The Laws On Security Deposit Withholdings

Know The Laws On Security Deposit Withholdings

If your landlord withholds any or all of your security deposit, you’re entitled to an itemized report that shows why he did so. 

For example, if your landlord charges you $250 to fill in a couple of nail holes in the wall, you’re likely to win this dispute because it’s absurd and will never hold up in court. 

When you move out of a rental property, it’s your responsibility to leave the unit in the same shape it was when you moved in. There should be no damage to the property, the carpets should be clean, and everything should be in good working order. Do your best to leave the rental in as good a shape as possible and alert the landlord to anything that you couldn’t address. Keep the above tips in mind as you get ready to move out of your rental property.