How To Clean Indoor And Outdoor Concrete Floors

Concrete is a durable material for flooring as it weathers well and holds up to a myriad of abuse. As durable as it is, though, concrete flooring is porous, meaning it will absorb dirt and stains if they aren’t dealt with properly right away. 

Whether indoors or out, you’ll need to take care of your concrete floors, so they continue to provide a functional and beautiful surface. Here’s how to clean your concrete floors. 

Outdoor Concrete

Outdoor concrete is easy to clean as you can use a power washer for the job. If you don’t have one, you can rent a power washer from your local hardware store. Follow the directions for use and use a soap designed especially for outdoor concrete. Use a sweeping motion with the wand to push dirt and grime away from you and off the concrete surface. 

If stains persist, use a stiff-bristled brush and concrete stain remover to lift the stain. Avoid using metal scrubbers as their fibers can get lodged in the porous concrete surface and rust. 

Indoor Concrete Floors

Indoor concrete floors are often polished or stamped, which means you’ll need to take a gentler approach to cleaning. For polished floors, simply use a mop and a bucket of warm water with a mild detergent to clean. Avoid using harsh cleaners or stiff brushes as they can damage the delicate polished or stamped surface of the concrete. 

Seal Your Concrete Floors

To help keep stains from being an issue on your concrete floors in the future, apply a concrete sealant periodically. The sealant will lessen the porous nature of the stone, repelling stains and making it easier to clean next time. 

Start in the middle of the floor and spread the sealant outward to the edges. Try to get an even layer across the entire floor. Allow the sealant to dry and cure completely before walking or placing furniture on it. 

Concrete is a great flooring material both inside the home and out. If you have concrete floors in your home, follow the steps above to clean it and keep it looking great.