How To Choose Colors That Match Wood Finishes In The Home

Wood tones play a big role in most homes. Furniture, flooring, trim, and cabinetry all have varying shades of wood tones. From light blonde to rich mahogany, the wood tones in your home should play nicely with the other colors you choose for décor. Here are a few tips for choosing the right colors to compliment your wood tones rather than clash with them. 

What Is The Wood’s Color?

Wood color can be altered with stain, so if you’re not happy with the color of your wood accents, change them. When choosing décor colors to go with your wood pieces, look at the wood’s dominant tones to get an idea of what matches and what doesn’t. Decide whether you want an impactful contrast in colors or an inviting warmth of subdued pairings and choose colors that achieve these goals. 

Contrast For Impact

Pairing dark or light woods with dark or light walls can be a great way to create an impactful contrast that’s bold and beautiful. A deep wood like mahogany or cherry looks great against a light-colored backdrop, while a light blonde wood looks great against a darkly painted wall.

Subtle Statement 

For a low-key vibe that’s handsome and rich, consider making a subtle statement by pairing wood furniture colors and wall colors of the same intensity. For example, rich woods like mahogany are handsome and subtle when paired with a dark wall color that complements the piece. 

The same principle applies to lighter-colored woods when paired with light-colored walls. For example, taupe and smokey mushroom on the walls help bring out the richness of medium-toned wood furniture. 

Color Combos That Work

If you aren’t sure which wood tones work with which colors, try the color combinations listed below. 

Pinewood and green – honey-toned pine and green are a great color combo as the green helps bring out the warm tones in the pine. Gray-green is a great color to try as well. 

Orange-toned wood and blue – If you love bold colors, this is a great choice as the orange and blue colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. The blue brings out the orange in the wood, making a bold statement. 

Natural wood tones and yellow – yellow walls help bring out the beauty and warmth of natural wood. This is a casual, inviting look that won’t create a huge contrast, but will create a pleasing vibe all the same.