7 Pieces of Equipment to Build the Ultimate Home Gym

The Equipment You’ll Need

The type of equipment you’ll need depends on what type of workouts you prefer doing as well as how much space you have in your home to devote to your home gym. The following list of equipment is just an example of the types of things you may want to include in your own home gym.

Yoga Mat

You don’t have to actually be into yoga to get use out of a yoga mat. This piece of soft equipment is especially handy for basic stretching exercises and ab workouts.

Power Cage

If space permits, you should definitely consider adding a power cage to your home gym. This piece of equipment lets you do three of the most important strength training exercises: the bench press, the deadlift, and the barbell squat.

Heavy Punching Bag

On days when outdoor cardio isn’t an option, you’ll be glad you have a heavy punching bag in your home gym. Get yourself some boxing gloves and enjoy some serious fat-burning activity that also builds power and speed.

Power Reels

A cross between dumbbells and resistance bands, power reels are designed to keep your muscles under constant tension, which builds muscle faster.

Balance Trainer

A balance trainer puts to work all kinds of stabilization muscles that most workouts neglect. Do super-charged push-ups and more on the balance trainer for a superior muscle-building workout.

Air Rower

No room for a traditional rowing machine? Don’t worry, you can get the same workout in less space with an air rower. This small but effective piece of equipment allows you to warm up your whole body before a workout, or by just beefing up the resistance, you can work those back, shoulder, and arm muscles to the max.

Medicine Ball Rack

No gym is complete without a set of medicine balls. Be sure you get yourself a complete medicine ball rack set so you can maximize your workout ball routine.

When you have a gym at home, there’s no reason to spend wads of cash on a gym membership that you may or may not use as you should to get your money’s worth. The list above gives you an idea of the types of equipment you should include in your own ultimate home gym.