How to Create a Bird Paradise in Your Backyard

Birds are fun to watch, especially from the comfort of your own backyard. With people spending more time at home, having something to do like birdwatching sure makes the isolation much more bearable. 

If you enjoy watching the birds in your yard, you can create a bird paradise of sorts to attract more of the feathered friends you love. It’ll take more than just putting out a few bird feeders, though, so keep reading to learn how to attract birds to your yard. 

1. Create a Bird-Friendly Habitat

Birds like variety in a home. For example, they need perches, thickets, branches, nests, and wide-open spaces. Give them what they want, and they’ll come in droves. 

Tall grasses, trees, shrubs, and other thick foliage give birds plenty of places to preen, hide, and nest. When maintaining the trees in your yard, selectively prune branches to allow you to view the birds in the branches from your window. 

2. Grow Birdseed

Feeding the birds can get expensive. While money doesn’t grow on trees, birdseed does. Choose trees, shrubs, and plants that are native to the area, so your yard attracts all the different bird species that live there, too. Some common plants include sunflowers, coneflowers, beautyberry, asters, and blanket flower. 

3. Give Birds a Nice House

Different birds prefer different houses. For example, nesting bluebirds like to be out in the open while chickadees prefer thick cover. Regardless of the type of bird you’re trying to attract, however, try to keep their nesting boxes away from human interaction. Human noise and activity can cause a bird to abandon the nest, leaving the eggs to die. 

Also, if you have a cat, try to keep it indoors, otherwise, you’ll not only find birds in your yard but on your doorstep, too. 

4. Create a Water Feature

Birdbaths as we know them aren’t what birds prefer. The ideal birdbath, rather, is a shallow bowl placed on the ground with stones on the bottom for footing as well as rocks around the outside for steps. To really make your birdbath appealing, add a water fountain to keep the water moving, and the birds will come from miles around to enjoy your bird-friendly water feature. 

5. Forgo Raking

If you’re looking for a reason not to rake the leaves, the birds in your yard are it. Leaving the lawn litter where it falls gives birds everything they need to survive. From bugs for eating and materials for nesting to hiding places from predators, skipping the raking is the best thing you could do for the birds in your yard. 

6. Invest in Quality Feeders

While it’s tempting to spend less on bird feeders and simply replace them year after year, investing in quality feeders saves you money and makes maintaining them much easier. Made with quality materials for durability, you can use these feeders over and over, and with a simple cleaning, the birds are able to eat from the much better. 

If you love watching the birds in your yard, create a bird paradise of sorts using the tips above to increase your bird-watching enjoyment.