Different options for a new bedroom in your house

Could you use an extra bedroom in your home? Maybe your family is growing or perhaps you’d like a home office. Whatever your reason for needing another bedroom, the space and privacy it will provide is a game-changer. 

With that said, you have a few options for getting the extra space you need. You can renovate an existing space in your home, build an addition onto the home, or add a second story. Let’s take a closer look into each option, so you can make an informed decision as to which will work best for you. 

Existing Space

If you have an existing space that can be converted into a bedroom – like a basement or an attic – this is the least inexpensive way to get the space you need. Although building codes vary from state to state, most states require a bedroom to have a window and a closet and have ample floor space. Before renovating an existing space, be sure to find out what constitutes a bedroom in your state. If it doesn’t meet these requirements, you can’t list it as a bedroom if you sell your home and an appraiser won’t count it as one, either. 

Ground Floor Addition

When most homeowners think about adding another bedroom to their home’s layout, they envision building an addition to the home. Of course, this means decreasing the lot size of your property, but in most cases, the trade-off is worth it. Increased square footage usually makes a home worth more, but keep in mind that properties that are all house and no yard can be more difficult to sell. 

Add or Expand a Second Story

The final option you have for adding another bedroom in your home is to add or expand a second story. This method is quite expensive and inconvenient as it impacts the entire home. The roof will need to be removed and the first level walls reinforced to handle the weight of another level. While construction is underway, you’ll need to move out. One advantage to going up instead of out with an addition is that it doesn’t decrease the square footage of your yard. 

There are several key benefits to adding another bedroom to your home. First, your home could be worth $8,000-$10,000 more. Second, it gives you the extra space you need for a growing family, and third, it offers additional privacy that may be lacking in a home with many occupants. 

You have three options when it comes to adding another bedroom, so explore each to decide which is best for you.