House Thumps, Bumps, and Squeaks You Shouldn’t Ignore

You know all those sounds your house makes? You’ve likely gotten so used to them that you don’t even hear them anymore. It happens, but in some cases, those sounds could be a prelude to something bigger and they shouldn’t be ignored. 

Below, we discover the source of some of the most common house sounds and whether you should call for help when you hear them. 

What’s That Noise?

Homeowners address the thumps, bumps, and squeaks their homes make differently. Some hear the noise and immediately think something is wrong and address the issue right away. Others wave off random noises as “nothing” until they become “something” later on. If you’re the DIY type, you probably fix a lot of stuff around the house yourself. That said, even if you’re handy, you should never try to tackle the following sounds yourself. 

Thumping Washing Machine

That thump, thump, thump your washing machine makes might be more than just an unbalanced load. Something could be wrong with the balance ring that sits at the top of the tub to balance your wash load. If there’s a problem with it, the unbalanced tub could cause damage to the control panel, which is a repair more costly than the machine itself. 

A Squeaky Washer or Dryer

Never ignore a squeaky washer or dryer as it indicates metal on metal at high-velocity speeds. If left like this too long, permanent damage could occur to the machine with replacement being the only option. 

Squeaky Floorboards

You may think that your squeaky hardwood floors are just a sign of your home’s age, but it could also be a sign that your home is infested with termites. Another sign termites are present is a tapping sound in the walls. Rather than ignore squeaky floorboards, it’s a good idea to have your home inspected for termites before their damage goes too far. 

A Clicking refrigerator

It’s easy to ignore, but a clicking refrigerator is a sign that an important part in your refrigerator is failing. If left unchecked, you could come home to a warm refrigerator and lots of spoiled food. Not only will you need to pay for the repairs to your fridge, but you’ll also need to replace all the food that went bad inside. 

Rattling or Whistling Windows

Rattling or whistling windows indicates a failure of some sort in the sash or frame itself. When you hear noises like these coming from your windows, you can be sure that they aren’t efficient at keeping the outside air out and that you’re paying more for your utilities than you should. 

Water Sounds in House

If you hear water running or dripping and no one is using water at the time, you could have leaky pipes in your home’s walls. Look for water damage or musty smells, which can indicate a hidden water leak. If you aren’t sure where the sound is coming from, turn off your home’s water at the main, and investigate further. 

Homes make a lot of sounds but ignoring them could lead to major repairs and expenses later. If you hear any of the sounds listed above, be sure to get a professional in to address it as quickly as possible.