How to Remodel a Home to Appeal to Baby Boomers

As a real estate investor who flips houses, your job is to renovate your investments to appeal to homebuyers. As such, certain neighborhoods attract certain types of people, making it essential you know how to attract the right type of person to sell your property. 

If you plan to flip a home in a less expansive neighborhood that includes smaller homes, it’s likely the baby boomer generation will be the most interested. This group of homebuyers is looking to downsize since they’ve become empty nesters and are retired or retiring, and they are looking for certain features when buying a new home. Take a look at some of the renovation tips below that may appeal to baby boomers. 

The Finer Things

While most baby boomers are looking to downsize in square footage, they aren’t willing to downsize in luxury. In fact, they are actually hoping for an upgrade in this department since small children are no longer an issue. 

Baby boomer homebuyers appreciate such luxury features as stainless-steel appliances, hardwood flooring, and granite countertops, to name a few. 

Make it Convenient

One of the biggest things baby boomers are looking for in a new home is convenience. They don’t want anything that’s high maintenance or stressful. As such, it’s important to have modern appliances installed, an easy-to-maintain yard, energy-efficient doors and windows that save on the utility bill, and an open floor plan that allows for plenty of natural light. 

Furthermore, a one-story home is going to be more appealing to this generation as they don’t have to climb stairs. If the home has multiple levels, however, baby boomers prefer a first-story master bedroom and full bath. 

A Home Office

While most baby boomers are retired by now, some continue working to earn extra cash and to keep busy. Having a dedicated room for a home office or den is appealing to those who want to continue working and need a space to do so at home. 

While you don’t have to remodel a room specifically for a home office, making one obviously usable as an office or a den is something many baby boomers can see themselves using. 

Easy-to-Maintain Yards

While it’s nearly impossible to find a zero-maintenance yard (unless it’s a maintenance-free community), you can landscape the yard to make it as maintenance-free as possible for the baby boomer generation. Hardscaping some of the property or installing a patio will cut down on the amount of yard work needed and make the property more attractive to the older generation. 

More Space 

One of the most attractive features in a home for baby boomers is extra space, especially if that space is easily customizable and not dedicated to one type of use. 

For example, if a room can be transformed from a guest room to a home office and then to a hobby room without much work, that’s exactly what this generation is looking for. Baby boomers love having extra space they can easily do with what they want. 

Baby boomers look for specific features in a home that make life more convenient. From luxury features like hardwood floors to extra space that’s customizable, be sure to include some of the suggestions above when renovating a home for this generation.