Tips For A Clean And Organized Home Office

An organized workspace is conducive to high productivity. You automatically feel motivated to get the job done when you don’t have to worry about the clutter that surrounds you. 

To help you create a motivating, productive home office, we’ve put together several tips for organizing and cleaning your workspace. Be sure to adopt some or all of them to create the type of work environment that motivates you to get the job done. 

Keep Your Desktop Streamlined

A cluttered desktop can be a hassle to work with, so keep yours streamlined and simple with just the necessities. A pen/pencil holder, a magazine rack for folders, and a stacked drawer caddy, for example, are all great additions for the desktop as they help you keep the things you use often organized and within easy reach. 

Use Your Vertical Space For Storage

Bring in a pair of open shelving units to make use of the empty wall space you have in your office. When filling the shelves, keep things neat and simple and consider how you use the contents, and place things accordingly on the shelves. Use bins and/or baskets to keep small items from getting lost or looking chaotic. 

Use A Cubby System To Showcase Items

A cubby system is a perfect way to showcase products or organize inventory in your home office. This is especially helpful if customers or clients visit your home office and need to view your stock. Again, use bins or baskets to keep small items in check. 

Create A Wall Of Storage Using Matching Bins

If you have a lot of supplies that you need to keep organized, create a wall of storage using shelves and matching bins. This storage solution can be as beautiful as it is functional, so choose bins that coordinate with each other and the room’s existing décor. 

Use Paper Holders

We may live in a digital age, but paperwork is still a thing, and you need a way to keep all those documents in order. Old-fashioned desktop paper holders do the job nicely, as you can label each compartment, so you know exactly which documents go where. 

Don’t Forget To Add Beautiful Things

It may sound counter-intuitive but placing some of your favorite things in your home office will encourage you to keep the space neat and organized so you can enjoy their beauty. Add a shelving unit in the corner with some pretty things to bring you joy throughout the workday and encourage you to keep a tidy place to work. 

Build A Wall Of Cabinets

If you have the space, a wall of cabinets is a great way to organize your supplies and keep them out of the way. Further, you can add a countertop on top of the bank of cabinets to create extra workspace. 

Regular kitchen cabinets work well for this, or you can visit a store like Ikea to get cabinetry that you can customize to fit your office space. 

An organized home office is conducive to productivity, so use the suggestions above to whip your home workspace into shape.