Tips to Help You Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Moving to a new home is always stressful, but when you add in moving to a new state, the thought can be overwhelming. There’s so much to do when preparing for a long-distance move, and it’s easy to forget a thing or two. Use this guide to help you and your family prepare for the long move ahead. 

Plan and Schedule Everything

Moving is chaotic, so keep everyone and everything on task by planning and scheduling everything you can. Keep a central file that contains everything you need to stay organized. 

Make to-do lists, add appointments and events to your calendar, and get estimates and receipts for every service you require that pertains to your move. 

Call Multiple Moving Companies

Once you’ve formulated your plan, begin by contacting a few moving companies for estimates. It’s important to listen carefully to find out what types of things are included in their moving services. Check reviews online of each company and ask questions if you have any. Be sure to get estimates for separate services such as vehicle moving and pet relocation, if necessary. 

Make Reservations

Once you’ve booked the movers, it’s time to make reservations for the accommodations you’ll need along the way to your new location. If you’re flying, buy the plane tickets and make hotel reservations. If your new home won’t be move-in ready when you get there, make reservations for accommodations now. 

Make a Plan for Pets

The ideal way to travel with a pet is by car, but if that isn’t possible, be sure you have the proper documentation and supplies on hand for travel. For example, some airlines don’t allow the transport of pets, while the ones that do usually require a certificate from a vet saying the animal is healthy and safe for transport. 

Be sure to get the necessary paperwork needed as well as pack plenty of food, medication, and other supplies for during and after arrival in your new location. 

Declutter Your Home

To make packing and moving your things easier, take this time to get rid of all the stuff you no longer need or want. Those ice skates in the back of your closet that you haven’t used in a decade or more? Donate them!

Those skinny jeans you just know you’ll get back into someday? Get rid of them!

The less you have to pack, the quicker and easier this part of moving will be. 

Change of Address, Stop/Start Utilities, and More

This is where things get real. Fill out the proper paperwork to notify the post office of your move. Next, call your utility companies and give them a cutoff date in your old location and a turn-on date in your new one. Try to notify as many utilities as possible in your new location before the move. 

Moving in any form is stressful but moving to a new state can be downright overwhelming. It’s easy to forget things, so use the tips above to keep on track and make the move a smooth one.