Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Rental

Choosing interior paint colors seems like an easy task, especially since rental properties usually have a neutral color scheme anyway. As a landlord, however, your job is to make your rental appealing to as many tenants as possible. After all, you want them to be able to envision themselves making a life in your rental. This means the interior paint colors must be neutral enough to coordinate with everything while being colorful enough to not be boring. 

Accent Colors in Rental Properties

While it’s okay to paint accent walls in a rental property, it’s better to stick to colors that make less of a statement. You don’t want to offend anyone’s taste, nationality, or gender, after all. 

If you want to make your rental a little less boring, try painting the walls a nice, subtle shade of tan and the trim a decorator’s white. The color combination will appeal to the masses while keeping things neutral so tenants can still make the rental their own. 

What to Avoid When Painting Your Rental

Although neutral colors are the key to painting the interior of a rental property, you’ll want to avoid painting everything white. White goes with everything – yes – but too much of it and your rental will feel cold and sterile. For tenants who lack the ability to visualize and decorate well, the all-white interior will likely turn them off. 

In the end, your goal is to rent the property, not to make a statement, or even use your favorite colors. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what your personal preferences are, as long as the colors you choose for your rental property makes a tenant want to sign the lease.