How To Embrace The Grandmillennial Style Design Trend In Your Home

This year is seeing a resurgence in eclectic style and traditional décor with a twist on the modern, minimalist style that’s been so popular for years. Called the Grandmillennial style, this hot design trend brings together the cool, uncluttered look of the minimalist style and the traditional décor we’ve all seen in our grandparents’ houses all our lives. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate your grandmother’s antique hutch into your modern décor, here’s how to embrace the Grandmillennial style like a pro. 

The Components That Make Up the Grandmillennial Style

The key to doing Grandmillennial right is to combine modern and vintage décor in a way that showcases personality and eclectic without overdoing it. Here are the elements that make up this popular design trend. 

Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpapers and wall coverings are huge in Grandmillennial design. Floral, toile, chintz, and chinoiserie are all big right now. A good thing to keep in mind for using patterns is that the larger the space, the larger the pattern you can use. The key is to keep the pattern light to avoid giving the space a cluttered look. 

Bold Patterns & Colors

Bold colors and patterns are all the rage in the Grandmillennial style. Choosing a statement piece in a bright color or bold pattern is a must, but if you’re not quite sure the trend is for you, begin by layering said colors or patterns with throws, pillows, or blankets. 

Rattan & Wicker

If you’re just starting out with this hot trend, you can get your feet wet by adding some wicker or rattan furniture to your space. These elements blend in easily, making a subtle but noticeable statement. 

Dark Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is perfect for the Grandmillennial style, especially those that are stained in darker colors. So, your grandmother’s hutch or those side tables you weren’t so sure of? They’ll be perfectly at home in your newly styled home. 

Brass & Porcelain

For a truly vintage meets modern vibe, try shopping your local thrift stores for brass and/or porcelain pieces to add to your space. These accents add texture and interest without making the room feel cluttered. 


The Grandmillennial style includes the use of embellishments like tassels, pleats, ruffles, and fringe. If you’re just testing the waters of the Grandmillennial style, try adding a few of these trim elements in complementary shades to your existing décor to see how it looks and feels. 


What once was a favorite pastime of your grandmother’s is now a design element of the Grandmillennial style. If you’re the crafty type, you can embroider your own needlepoint to display in a frame or on a pillow, or, if you already have some of your grandmother’s handiwork stowed away somewhere, get it out and display it proudly as part of your home’s décor. 

Collections Displays

Are you an avid collector of china teacups and saucers? If so, they’ll be right at home in the Grandmillennial style. Once thought to be clutter, knick-knacks are an essential part of this growing trend. So, get those cups out of storage and display them proudly. To avoid their looking like clutter, though, be sure to group like items together for a cohesive display.