10 Practical Household Uses for Coke

1. Laundry Stain Remover

Remove grease and other hard-to-remove stains from laundry. Simply pour a can of the soft drink into your washer, add the usual laundry detergent, and turn on a normal cycle. No more stains! 

2. Rust Remover

Use a sponge or piece of wadded up aluminum foil dipped in Coke to remove rust. Alternately, pour it over rusty bolts to loosen them. 

3. Carpet Cleaner

Remove marker and other stains from carpeting. Pour a small amount of Coke on the stain, scrub, then clean the area with soapy water. 

4. Oil Stain Remover

Get rid of those unsightly oil stains from your garage floor using Coke. Simply pour a generous amount of the soft drink to cover the stain and let it soak for a half hour or so. Rinse the area using your garden hose to remove all traces of Coke and oil. 

5. Burnt-On Food

Got pans with burnt-on food? No problem. Just pour Coke to cover the bottom of the pan and let it soak for a couple of hours. Run the pan under hot water and the burnt-on mess will be gone!

6. Car Battery Terminals

Clean your car’s battery terminals with ease. Pour a small amount of Coke over each one and scrub with a toothbrush. Rinse with water. 

7. Clean Tile Grout

Cleaning tile grout is usually a chore, but not when you use Coke. Just pour some Coke on the tile, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe or mop it clean. 

8. Toilet Cleaner

Stop spending a fortune buying expensive toilet bowl cleaners. Instead, pour a can of coke into the bowl, let it sit for a half hour, then flush it down for a sparkling clean toilet with no scrubbing. 

9. Polish Chrome

Coke makes a great chrome polisher. Pour Coke over the chrome surface and wad up a piece of aluminum foil. Use the foil to scrub the surface of the chrome until it is bright and shiny. Rinse well with water. 

10. Gum Remover

The next time your child gets gum stuck in his or her hair, don’t panic and rush to the hair salon. Instead, place the stuck hair in a glass of Coke for several minutes. When removed, you’ll be able to peel the gum out of the hair with ease. 

Besides being a tasty cool drink, Coke is a handy household cleaner with many practical uses.