Get Rid Of Dust In Your Home In Six Easy Steps

The most important part of dusting your home is using the proper tools. While most people think feather dusters are best, the truth is, they simply spread dust from one surface to another without actually removing it. Ideally, you want to use a damp, soft cloth, a microfiber duster or an electrostatic duster to efficiently remove as much dust as possible. Furthermore, a vacuum is a great tool for dusting as well.

Below are several strategic tips for getting rid of dust all around the house. Grab your dusting equipment, and let’s get to it!

1. Walls And Baseboards

The quickest and most efficient way to rid your walls and baseboards of cobwebs and dust is to use your vacuum and all its handy attachments. Start at the ceiling and work your way down for best results.

When you get to the baseboards, grab your all-purpose cleaner, a soft cloth or a sponge mop. Spray the cleaner along the baseboards in small sections, then wipe clean with the cloth. To make this task easier on your back and knees, try using a sponge mop instead of a cloth to wipe the baseboards from a standing position.

2. Curio Cabinets And Knick-Knacks

There’s nothing worse than having to dust all those cute little knick-knacks and the curio cabinets they reside on. The easiest way to tackle these areas is to use a clean, natural-bristled makeup or paint brush to get into all the little nooks and crannies. Follow up any big areas with a microfiber cloth to capture and remove dust.

3. Electronics

Dusting electronics can be tricky, but it’s important you do it regularly to keep everything in tip-top working order. Always unplug the item you intend to clean first, then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. For any dust left in the crevices, use a soft brush. Be sure to vacuum up any dust or pet hair that’s collected around the power cords as it can clog up electronics and electrical outlets fast.

4. Stuffed Animals And Throw Pillows

Soft toys like stuffed animals and throw pillows collect dust, grime and odors easily. You can’t really throw them in the washing machine, but you can still clean them quite easily. Get a large garbage bag and a cup of baking soda. Put all the soft toys and pillows you want to clean into the bag and pour the baking soda in, too. Take the bag outside and give it a good shake to evenly distribute the baking soda. The baking soda will draw out the dirt and odors. Remove each item and shake it to get as much of the baking soda off as possible, then vacuum everything using a brush attachment.

5. Ceiling Fans

You don’t see it, but the top of your ceiling fan collects a lot of yucky dust and grease. Turn the fan off and get a step stool so you can reach the top of the blades. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dust from light fixtures and the casing. Dampen a few paper towels and use them to remove as much of the dust from atop the blades as possible. Lastly, spray an all-purpose cleaner on each blade and wipe it clean using a damp paper towel.

6. Vents

Whether your vents are on the ceiling or on the floor, using your vacuum first is the best way to remove loose dust and/or cobwebs. The next step is to use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the grate, and lastly, follow up with a microfiber cloth to clean the surface.