Unpacking After Moving: How To Make This Chore Easier And Faster

Moving is an exciting and exhausting experience. As hectic as the packing process can be, the unpacking process is often just as chaotic. To make this task easier and faster, follow the helpful tips below. 

Get the Details Straight Beforehand

Finalize and confirm all the move-in details before moving day. The more you know ahead of time, the better you can prepare. If you’re moving into an upper apartment, find out the dimensions of any stairwells or elevators you must pass through with your furnishings, so you know what to expect. 

Unpack Essentials First

Hopefully, you’ve packed your things according to their necessity on the other end. For example, phone chargers are a must-have these days, so be sure you can find them right away in your new home. 

Other essentials like bedding and toiletries should be unpacked right away and placed in accessible spots so you know where to find them among the chaos. 

Do a Walk-Through

While your landlord is present, do a walk-through of the place to make sure everything is as it should be. The previous tenants should have cleaned the unit thoroughly but take note of anything that’s particularly dirty or broken so you’re not responsible for the damage yourself. 

Unpack Perishables

Head to the kitchen and start unpacking your perishables. Refrigerator and freezer items need to be put away before they thaw and spoil. Also, if you have any heat-sensitive items like candles, makeup, or skincare products, be sure to unpack them as quickly as possible as well. This is especially important if you’re moving in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. 

Get Your Pets and Plants Situated

Your pets will likely be scared and skittish on move-in day, so plan accordingly. Place them in a room with plenty of food, water, and their toys and close the door. The last thing you need is for one of your fur babies to get loose while you’re moving furniture in. 

As for your plants, place them in front of a sunny window and water them. They’ll acclimate easily to their new conditions rather quickly. 

Break Down the Unpacking Process

As stated before, unpacking after moving can be nerve-wracking. If the task seems bigger than you thought it would be, break it down into bite-sized pieces. Commit to unpacking for a few hours a day or set a deadline by which you want to have everything in its place. Doing it this way will help keep you motivated to get the job done. 

Enlist Everyone’s Help

The unpacking chore will go much faster if everyone chips in. Even the littles can help by putting their toys away and making their beds. The more everyone pitches in, the faster things can get back to normal. 

Organize as You Unpack

Every home is different, so organizing it will depend on your own needs and the nuances of the home itself. As you’re unpacking your things, note your storage needs and add bins, shelving, etc. to your shopping list. If you organize as you go, you’ll feel more at home faster in your new place.