First apartment checklist: 5 essentials you’ll need

1. Bedding

First thing’s first. You need a bed, pillows, and some linens. After all, you won’t be able to get your place up to par if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Head to your local mattress store and pick out a bed frame and mattress. Let the store know your move-in date, so they can deliver the bed, and then add pillows, sheets, and blankets to your shopping list. 

2. Kitchen Supplies

Whether you’re the takeout type or someone that loves to cook, eventually you’ll need some kitchen supplies to prepare food. Start with the basics such as a cookware set and bakeware, and then you can add other conveniences like a crockpot or microwave later on. 

3. Bathroom Supplies

While your bathroom doesn’t have to be fully stocked right away, there are three essentials you really can’t do without: toilet paper, towels, and a shower curtain. Study your bathroom layout closely to determine where everything should go and then be sure you have these three necessities on move-in day. 

4. Cleaning Supplies

Even if the manager did a thorough cleaning of your new apartment, you’ll want to make your own pass to ensure it’s fresh and clean. Some cleaning supplies you’ll want to get include rubber gloves, a broom and dustpan, a mop, a vacuum, trash bags, and a multipurpose spray cleaner. Don’t forget to grab some dish soap, too. 

5. Living Room Furniture

You might not be hosting any social events right away, but it won’t be long before your friends and family will want to stop over, and you’ll need a place to entertain them. At the very least, you’ll want a place where you can lounge and watch TV or read a book. 

Browse your local furniture store for a couch and some end tables or visit the thrift store or go online if you’re on a limited budget. There is a bevy of cheap used furniture that’s still in good shape, so don’t think you have to spend a fortune to furnish your new pad. 

It’s an exciting and often overwhelming time when you move into your first apartment. There’s so much to remember and you need so many things that you can forget something important. Use the list above to ensure you at least get the basics, so you can be comfortable in your new place right from the start. As you get settled, you can slowly add more things to make your new apartment a home.