Warm And Unexpected Farmhouse Colors For Your Home

The farmhouse décor trend is in full swing these days with whites, muted neutrals, and understated grays leading the pack in the style’s color palette. This doesn’t mean, however, that other more interesting colors can’t be part of the farmhouse style. The trick is to figure out whether the colors you’ve chosen are warm or cool and then let your personal preferences guide your choices. 

If you’d like to incorporate the farmhouse style into your home, consider the following colors that’ll add warmth and character to any room in your home. 

Farmhouse Colors in the Kitchen

Farmhouse charm got its start in the kitchen. This room is most notable for incorporating this fun style, which balances form and function well. 

The traditional farmhouse kitchen features white on white, but you can change it up a little by adding color to the cabinets for a fun and intriguing look. With white walls, feel free to add as much color as you’d like. Great white paint colors include:

  • Decorator’s White CC-20, Benjamin Moore
  • Alabaster SW 7008, Sherwin-Williams
  • Polar Bear 75, Behr

In a modern farmhouse kitchen consider painting the cabinets a cool gray while keeping the walls white. You might even want to paint the upper and lower cabinets different colors, all of which look great with stainless steel appliances. 

Colors that look great on cabinets and accent furniture include:

  • Ballerina PPG1183-1, Glidden
  • Tricorn Black SW 6258, Sherwin-Williams
  • India Yellow No. 66, Farrow & Ball

Farmhouse Paint Colors for the Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is a sprawling master suite or a tiny powder room, farmhouse charm is the perfect way to bring interest and intrigue to the space. Again, white makes the perfect backdrop for color and pattern in this room. From stripes and checks to floral patterns, anything goes in a modern farmhouse bathroom. 

On the floor, consider black and white checkerboard patterns with black accent pieces to bring it all together. Or, for a more dramatic farmhouse effect, consider a blue checkerboard pattern on the walls of a small bathroom. When paired with bright white wainscoting, it creates such an interesting visual effect that it’s hard to look away. 

Farmhouse blue paint colors to consider include:

  • India Yellow No. 66, Farrow & Ball
  • India Yellow No. 66, Farrow & Ball
  • India Yellow No. 66, Farrow & Ball

Farmhouse Paint Colors for Dining and Living Rooms

Farmhouse dining rooms are lots of fun to decorate as they can include all sorts of patterns and colors to create this timeless style. Once again, white plays a major role on the walls, but earthy blues and greens help bring balance and character to the space. A wood-tone table complete with green and black chairs is the perfect addition in a farmhouse dining space. 

Although a moody vibe isn’t exactly farmhouse style, you can create a warm and inviting living space using darker shades of gray that absorb light rather than reflect it. To make sure the color you’ve chosen looks great in your living room, be sure to select several samples and test them out before committing to buying gallons of paint. 

Some good gray paint color choices for the farmhouse look include:

  • India Yellow No. 66, Farrow & Ball
  • India Yellow No. 66, Farrow & Ball
  • India Yellow No. 66, Farrow & Ball