How To Style Your Coffee Table

If you’ve ever perused the pages of a home décor magazine and fawned over the images of elegant coffee tables in lavish living rooms and dreamed of yours looking the same way, you’re in luck! The tips below are designed specifically with you in mind as they help you style your coffee table so that it looks fabulous without much effort at all. 

Think About Height

While your coffee table will be roughly the same height no matter what style you choose, it’s important to think about the height of the things on and around your coffee table. Their height in relation to the coffee table will determine how well it fits into and complements the space. 

You can choose items of varying height to create interest in the room, or you can choose varying objects of the same height to lend a cohesive vibe to the room. Either option works well with coffee table placement. 

Consider Shape

The shape of the items on your coffee table plays a role in creating an interesting display. For example, you may choose items of similar shape to adorn the tabletop: a round candle next to a round candy dish atop a round doily, for instance. 

Or you may decide that your décor should be of varying shapes to create an interesting display with depth and texture. 

Stick To Only 2-3 Pieces

You want to avoid cluttering your coffee table as this makes it look too busy. Plus, you want to keep some space open to accommodate things like drink glasses and other items that come from normal daily use. 

Stick with just 2 to 3 pieces: a bowl full of fruit counts as one piece or a tray with items on it counts as one piece, etc. Cluster the items together to make an intriguing display and forgo filling the entire tabletop to allow some breathing room. 

Style The Coffee Table Last

Wait to style your coffee table until the rest of the room has been styled. This way, you can tailor the table’s décor to complement the room’s existing décor. You’ll be able to match colors, textures, and metals to create a cohesive look. Now is not the time to go crazy with a new idea – stick to what’s already in the room and make your coffee table co-exist nicely. 

Style Your Coffee Table

Once you’ve decided on the items you want to place on your coffee table, start styling. Cluster the items together in the center of the table, making sure to create a balanced look and feel. It may take a few tries to make it look magazine-worthy, but the more you adjust and shift the items’ placements, the better you’ll be at designing a glamourous table.