Moving with Pets 101

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events for humans, so it stands to reason that it’s very stressful for our pets as well. If you’re making a big move anytime soon and your family includes a furry member or two, here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. 

5 Things You Should Do When Moving with Pets

1. Reassure Your Pet(s)

The weeks leading up to your move can be a confusing time for your pet. Make sure you take time to play with them, reassuring them that everything is fine.

2. Stick to Their Routine

In the days and weeks leading up to your move, things can get a bit chaotic for you and your pets alike. Try to stick to the routines they’re used to such as taking walks every morning or making sure they eat at the same time every day. 

3. Get a New ID Tag

Just before the big day, be sure to get a new ID tag that you can put on your pet’s collar before departing to your new home. 

4. Leave Their Toys and Beds Out Until the Last Minute

To keep things as normal as possible, leave packing your pet’s belongings until the last minute. 

5. Designate a Room for Your Pet on Moving Day

There will be a lot of people coming and going on the day of your move, so designate a room for your pets to stay in while all the hustle and bustle is taking place. This will help keep your pet safe and his stress to a minimum. 

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do when Moving with Pets

1. Don’t Put Your Pet(s) in Daycare

On the day of the move, don’t put your pets in daycare. They will already be stressed by the activities taking place in the weeks before the big day and placing them in a strange place may make them feel abandoned. 

2. Avoid Feeding Your Pet Before the Car Ride

If you can, try not to feed your pet before a long car ride to your new place. Your pet may already be nervous and feeding him could cause him to get sick during the car ride. 

3. Don’t Contribute to Your Pet’s Stress

In the weeks before a move, don’t contribute to your pet’s stress by grooming or bathing him. If he doesn’t like these things, they will only add to his stress and could make him sick. 

4. Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone in Their New Surroundings

Once you get settled in your new home, don’t leave your pet alone for too long in his new surroundings. If you do need to leave for something, either take your pet with you or check on him every hour. 

5. Don’t Punish Your Pet

It’s likely that your pet will be confused in his new home and won’t know where to go to use the bathroom. If this happens, don’t punish him. Instead, direct him to the place he can go and encourage him to do so. Make sure you take him out often to reinforce your desire for him to use his new toilet.