DIY Ideas to Make the Outdoors More Enjoyable at Home

If you’re more inclined to stay home these days, you may find the isolation to be rather boring. One way to break the monotony is to get outside in the fresh air. If your backyard is as plain and uninspiring as the inside of your home, maybe one or more of the following ideas will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces a lot more. 

Create an Outdoor Lounge Area

If a topical vibe is your style, this DIY project will have you enjoying an umbrella drink in a chaise lounge in no time. Simply scour the internet for the type of seating you’d prefer or make your own using an old platform bed frame, a futon mattress, and any outdoor fabric in a pattern you like. 

Once your lounge bed is complete, add some small tables, a couple of candles, and that umbrella drink to bring it all together. 

Make an Outdoor Movie Theater

If you miss going to the movies, you can create a movie experience unlike any other right in the comfort of your own backyard. First, hang a white sheet on the side of a building like a shed or flat surface of your home. Next, set up a projector and use your phone to stream whatever it is you’re binge-watching these days. 

If you don’t have a projector, make one out of a magnifying glass and a shoebox. Pop some popcorn, grab a soda, and rediscover your love of the big screen once again. 

Outdoor Bar, Anyone?

Whether enjoying a drink or two by yourself or entertaining guests, an outdoor bar is sure to be a hit. You can buy a bar online to use in your backyard bar, but you can also make your own by repurposing an old table, shelving unit, or desk. Alternately, you can get creative and build your bar using cinder blocks and cement glue, too. 

Once your bar is complete, add your favorite cocktail ingredients, a Bluetooth speaker, and a few glasses to make this project a success. 

Breathe New Life into an Old Barn or Shed

Old barns and sheds are great storage spaces, but that doesn’t mean they have to be eyesores in an otherwise well-maintained yard. Breathe new life into these structures by adding a fresh coat of paint, installing shutters on the windows, hanging flower boxes, and laying a stone path up to the door. 

Build a Fire Pit

Nothing says enjoyment like sitting by a warm fire sipping your favorite drink and roasting a few marshmallows for smores. If you don’t have a backyard fire pit, you can build one using one of the many DIY fire pit tutorials online. From the simple to the elaborate, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and your skill level. 

Just because you’re staying at home these days doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Use one or all of the suggestions above to enjoy your outdoor spaces.