How to Use Dryer Sheets for More than Laundry

While it’s true that dryer sheets add softness to laundry and eliminate static cling in the dryer, these handy little sheets can do so much more. Below, we share a plethora of hacks designed to showcase all that dryer sheets can do around the house. 

Removing Stuck-on Food

Stop scrubbing those pots and pans with burnt-on, stuck-on food. Instead, place a dryer sheet in the pan and fill it with hot water. Let it sit overnight to work its magic. In the morning, use the sheet to loosen the stuck-on mess and wash the pan as normal. 

Calm Your Pet

Dogs can have anxiety during storms, but you can help alleviate their fear by rubbing their coat with a non-toxic dryer sheet. The act will eliminate any static electricity present, thereby helping to calm their nerves. 

Remove Pet Hair

The same principle that eliminates static cling in the dryer helps remove pet hair from clothing and furnishings, too. Use a dryer sheet (used or new) to lift pet hair from surfaces, followed by a damp rag or lint roller to easily get rid of pet hair. 

Alternately, you can also remove dust from surfaces the same way. Use a damp dryer sheet to clean ceiling fan blades with ease. 

Freshen and Quiet Shoes

Tennis shoes and boots can get stinky with wear. Place a dryer sheet in each shoe when you’re not wearing them to eliminate any odors. 

For squeaky shoes, rub a dryer sheet along the rubber sole. The silicon coating will transfer to the sole, getting rid of the squeak once and for all. 

Make Needlework Easier

Nothing is quite as frustrating as the thread that tangles as you sew. Get rid of the annoying tangles by sliding the thread between a folded dryer sheet. Voila! No more tangles!

Keep Luggage and Gym Bags Fresh

Before putting your luggage back into storage, place a dryer sheet inside to keep it nice and fresh for the next use. 

To keep your gym bag fresh as a daisy between uses, remove any sweaty clothing, and replace it with a dryer sheet until your next workout. 

Dust Electronics

A dry dryer sheet works wonders on electronic screens. It removes dust easily without damaging the surface. 

Remember, never use anything damp on your electronic screens as it can cause damage. 

Remove Gunk from Dryer Drums and Irons

If you find gum, stickers, or some other sticky mess stuck to the inside of your dryer, grab a dryer sheet, wet it, and scrub. The textured nature of the sheet, combined with its silicon coating will loosen and remove the sticky mess without damaging the surface. 

The same tactic works to remove sticky gunk from a clothes iron as well. 

Dryer sheets are great in the dryer to remove static and make clothes soft, but they are just as helpful around the rest of the house as well.