Zones For Designing A Great Kid’s Room

A child’s room likely serves many purposes. Sleep, play, crafting, diaper changing – a lot of activities take place in this space. It’s important to consider how the room will be used when designing it so that there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. Consider the following zones when designing your child’s room so it’s the perfect place to hang out in. 

The Sleep Zone

Depending on your child’s age, the sleep zone could include a wide array of features. For example, in a baby’s room, the only real requirement for sleep is a safe crib. Resist the urge to place the crib near a window as it can get drafty and window coverings can be dangerous to curious little ones. 

As your child gets older, the sleep zone will change, requiring a more traditional bed complete with pillows and bedding. You’ll need to decide the bed size and the type of bed that will suit your needs and space best. If you have multiple children sharing the room, bunk beds or matching twin beds are a good idea. 

The Play Zone

Many parents make the mistake of giving their kids lots of toys. Ultimately, this just makes for a messy kid’s room. Try to keep toy purchases to a minimum and provide storage solutions for the toys that do make their way into your home. 

A bookshelf with open bins for sorting is ideal since kids are more apt to pick up their toys if they don’t have to raise a lid to put them away. Finally, since kids prefer to play on the floor most of the time, be sure to include an area rug that’s soft enough to cushion little knees but not too plush that it impedes racing cars across it. 

Diaper Changing Zone

The diaper changing zone is more about your needs rather than your child’s. Position the changing table near the closet/dresser to make grabbing essentials easy without having to leave your little one unattended. Use storage solutions that allow you to keep everything you need within reach and be sure to restock often to avoid running out of something essential at an inopportune time. 

The Reading Zone

Reading to your kids is a wonderful activity as it fosters closeness and learning. Encourage your child’s love of reading by choosing an oversized chair that seats you both comfortably and keep a bookcase full of books in the room so your little one can choose his favorite stories for the two of you to share. 

The Homework Zone

Older children will need a quiet place to do their homework. This space should have plenty of desk space to spread their folders, books, and papers out comfortably, as well as plenty of drawers for storage. The homework zone should also include outlets to plug essentials into like laptops and pencil sharpeners, to name a couple. 

A kid’s room is a multi-use space that should be designed with its use in mind. Follow the zone guide above to design the perfect kid’s room.