How To Decorate Your Home So It’s Easier To Clean

Most people decorate their homes based on their style preferences, and then the décor dictates how they must clean. For those of us who like lots of stuff, cleaning can be a downright chore. 

But what if you could decorate your home so that it’s easier to clean? What if your style choices made cleaning a breeze? Below, we divulge several design ideas that are sure to make your home easier to clean. 

Choose Elevated Furniture

To make vacuuming and/or sweeping easier, opt for furniture that sits on tall legs. Better yet, choose cabinets and the like that attach to the wall so they “float” above the floor. You can invest in a robotic vacuum to make floor cleaning even easier. 

The Right Paint Finish

Got kids or pets? Avoid matte paint finishes and choose, instead, the shiniest finish you can find. The shinier the finish, the easier it is to wipe away dirt, grime, and smudgy fingerprints with a damp cloth. 

The Upholstery Matters

Look for durable furnishings with stain-resistant upholstery. Leather is the easiest to wipe clean, but you must be vigilant in wiping spills quickly and you’ll need to condition it at least once a year to keep it from cracking. 

If you prefer fabric upholstery, look for stain-resistant micro-fiber or cover your furniture with slipcovers to keep them looking newer longer. 

Open Shelving Is A Lot Of Work

Open shelving looks great in photos on Instagram, but the reality is it takes a lot of dusting to keep them looking that way. Opt instead for glass-front cabinetry that allows you to showcase your favorite pieces while keeping them dust-free at the same time.

Cleaning the house is a boring chore for many people, but with a few simple décor choices like the ones listed above, you can make cleaning your own home much easier.