Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Beach Retreat

You know that breezy, relaxed feeling you get every time you visit the beach? Well, you can recreate that feeling simply by making a few changes to your home’s décor.

Whether it’s a bedroom you’d like to revamp or you’d like to turn your living room into a mini beach retreat, the ideas below allow you to bring the beach indoors – and you won’t even have to worry about all that sand!

Airy, Beach-Worthy Colors and Textures

Begin creating a beach vibe by choosing paints and accents in colors inspired by the sea. Begin by bathing the walls of a bedroom in white. This color is bright and airy – perfect for invoking that beachy feel. 

Next, choose accent colors of soft blues and tranquil greens that are reminiscent of the water and look for patterns and textures that make you think of that little ocean hideaway you stayed at on your last vacation. 

Incorporate Beach Finds into the Décor

If you’re like most beachgoers, you’ve probably picked up a souvenir or two on your beach getaway. Incorporating these things into the everyday décor in your home will help you return to that relaxing time every time you see them.

Hang an old surfboard on the wall or place jars of sand and seashells in and around your home to take you back and make your home feel more and more like a beach retreat. 

Beach House Furnishings

Want to make your home feel more like a beach house? Bringing the outdoors in with furnishings made of wicker, bamboo, rattan, or any woven material will make it feel like you’re living in that lovely beach house you stayed at last time you visited the coast. 

The View

There’s nothing quite as beautiful and relaxing than a view of the ocean. While you may not be able to see the ocean from your front window, you can create a view that’s just as worthy of praise. 

If you have a favorite photo of the ocean taken while visiting the beach, enlarge it and hang it on a living room wall. You can also look for beach and ocean-inspired artwork to hang that will create a focal point in your living area. And while starfish and coral are the go-to beachy-style artwork, don’t be afraid to think outside the box with something like an octopus themed print or a vibrant shoreline painting. 

Even if you’re miles from any beach, don’t be afraid to bring the ocean into your home with colors and accents that make you think of your favorite place. Whether it’s a subtle beach cottage style or a Coastal Keys vibe you prefer, let whatever brings you the most joy be your guide when decorating your home in a beach-inspired design.