How To Decorate Your Home With Burl Wood Like A Professional Decorator

If you’ve never seen burl wood before, it’s a lovely type of wood that features an intricate marbled effect that showcases the beauty of imperfection. It makes a lovely addition to any home, but only if it’s incorporated the right way. Below, we give a few expert tips for decorating your home with burl wood. 

Make A Statement With Burl Wood Furniture

Want to make a bold statement in your home? Purchase a large burl wood piece of furniture to bring color, texture, and interest to your space. Burlwood coffee tables, credenzas, and dining tables all have large flat planes that highlight the knotty imperfection of burl wood. Any one of these statement pieces will be the center of attention you’re looking for by embracing this trend. 

Go For Faux Burl

Because burl wood is rare, it can be a tad pricey. If real burl wood doesn’t fit into your budget, don’t be afraid to go for faux burl wood instead. Faux burl wood veneers mimic the look of real burl wood without the real burl wood price tag. When shopping for the fake version, be sure to look for ones that highlight the irregular swirls and knots that real burl wood is known for. The pattern shouldn’t be too repetitive if you want it to look authentic. 

Burl Wood Accent Pieces

If you’re not quite ready for a big burl wood statement, you can add the charm and beauty of burl wood by bringing in accent pieces to complement the room’s décor. For example, you can add texture and color to a traditional bedroom by bringing in a pair of burl wood nightstands. These pieces are small enough to be unobtrusive while still adding a touch of modern charm to the space. 

Experiment With Burl Wood Accents

If you aren’t too sure about burl wood furnishings or your budget doesn’t allow for such a large commitment, consider adding a couple of burl wood accessories around the room. A burl wood picture frame can be just what that accent wall needs to bring it all together. Or, consider adding a burl wood trinket box or some other small accent to a coffee table to incorporate this trend in your home. 

Burl Wood And Color

One of the most-loved features of burl wood is its intricate colors and swirls. You can use this to your advantage by pairing burl wood items with bold jewel tones such as emerald green or cobalt blue. For a more subtle approach, try combining burl wood with muted earthy tones and other natural accents.