Things to Include on Your New Home Wishlist

Now that you’ve likely spent a fair amount of time in your home thanks to COVID-19, you’ve probably come to realize how much you like or dislike some of the features in it. For example, those stairs you climb a dozen times a day – maybe you’d rather not have stairs in your next home. Or perhaps that yard you initially thought you could do without now is a necessity in your next abode. 

If you’re planning to buy a new home in the coming months, it’s time to evaluate the features of your current home to determine what’s working for you now and what isn’t. Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you create a wishlist of features you’d like to have in your next house. 

What Features are Working, and Which Ones Aren’t?

  • Rate your current home on a scale of 1-10
  • What’s your favorite feature in the home? Which one do you like the least?
  • Are you good with the style of home or do you want something different?

How do You Feel When You’re at Home?

  • Do you have enough room or too much?
  • Does the floorplan suit your lifestyle?
  • Are there enough bathrooms and bedrooms?
  • What about the number of levels? 
  • Is there enough natural lighting in the home?

How Do You Feel About the Outside of Your Home?

  • Do you enjoy spending time in the outdoor spaces of your home?
  • Do you like taking care of a yard or would you prefer to not have to do yard maintenance?
  • What about curb appeal? Does your home have any?
  • Is it difficult maintaining the exterior of your home? Do you mind doing tasks like painting, staining, etc.?

How Well Do You Connect with Your Neighbors and the Surrounding Community?

  • Are you happy with your neighborhood? Do you get along with your neighbors and is the neighborhood walkable? Is it close to the amenities you use?
  • How far do you have to travel to the grocery store or other important appointments?
  • Is your commute time acceptable?
  • Are you happy with the types and number of activities in the community?

If you’re looking to move soon, now’s the time to make a wishlist that contains all the features you’d like your new home to have. Evaluate the things that work for you and those that don’t in your current home, so you are sure to find the perfect home this time around.