How To Create A Work/Study Area In Your Home

When’s the last time your work/study area inspired you to work hard? For most people, the answer is “never.” The key to effective studying and working at home is having a dedicated space that motivates you to be productive. Below, we discuss a few of the things your work/study area needs to be an inspiring space. 

Embrace Natural Light

It’s no secret that sunshine motivates the mind and body. If your work/study area includes a window, be sure to let as much natural light shine in as possible to lend a motivating vibe. Move your desk closer to the window and soak up that vitamin D while you work!

DIY Your Workspace

If you’re the DIY type, get creative with decorating your workspace to make it feel more inviting and inspiring. Forgo the boring old corkboard for your post-it notes and frame chicken wire and clothespins instead for a shabby-chic look. 

Need a to-do list? Paint a cupboard door or some other piece of furniture with chalkboard paint for a convenient and trendy way to keep up with to-dos. 

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Many small offices have embraced the collaboration motto where everyone works in a common area that allows them to bounce ideas off each other and work together. Try setting up your home office this way to capture that same teamwork vibe. If you must have some privacy from time to time, place partitions between the desks that can be easily moved when needed. 

Keep It Simple

One of the easiest ways to inspire productivity is to keep a clutter-free, simple space. Less clutter equals sharper focus, so aim to have only the things you need in your space and nothing more. Make it a point to clear your desk of clutter daily to keep a clear mind. 

Whether your home office is used for prepping for a big presentation at work or for writing term papers, following the tips above can help you create a more inspiring, motivating space.