Limited Space? No Problem! Home Hacks to Turn Any Small Space Into A Home Office

The pandemic has many of us working from home more these days, making home offices more important than ever. Unfortunately, not every home has an extra room that can be dedicated to home office use. If your home has limited space, here are a few hacks that will help you turn any small space into that all-important home office. 

The “Cloffice”

The word “cloffice” is a clever play on words that combines “office” and “closet.” Whether it’s a front hall closet, your walk-in bedroom closet, or that underused closet in the guestroom, any closet can become your home office. All you need is a few shelves hung on the wall, a small desk, your computer, and any other essential tools or equipment you use for your work. The nice thing about the cloffice is that you can simply close the door on the workday when you’re done. 

The Nooks And Crannies

Take a look around your house and identify any open spaces that could be used as an “office.” Maybe you have an alcove under the stairs or a totally useable corner in the living room. Whatever the case, again, add some shelving, a small desk, and anything else that’ll make your job easier to make good use of that previously unused space. 

Kitchen/Dining Area Home Office

Many kitchens already have a designated desk area or a separate countertop that can double as one. Use baskets to organize work/homework supplies and designate a cabinet for use as office storage. This home office is especially useful for keeping a close eye on kids doing homework as you prepare meals. 

The Living Room Office

Many a coffee table has doubled as a desk over the years, and today’s coffee tables often convert to actually become desks with storage. Also great in a living room home office is a laptop table that doubles as a side table at the end of the sofa. 

In The Bedroom

Some might say that mixing work and rest is a no-no, but you can’t dismiss a space simply because you sleep there if it’s the only option you have. In the bedroom, a bedside table can double as a desk, as it often has shelves and drawers that can hold your supplies. For kids doing homework, this is a great idea as it helps them keep all their things in one place so they’re easy to find in the morning. 

The home hacks above are just a few ideas to get you thinking about your space and how it can be used to double as a home office if you don’t have an extra room to dedicate to the cause. The takeaway here is to think outside the box and find an area of your home that’ll not only be comfortable for work but will also inspire you to be productive.