5 Ways To Transform An Extra Room Into One You Never Want To Leave

Not many people are blessed with an extra room to do with as they please. If you’re one of the lucky ones who do but you aren’t sure what to do with it, this post is for you. 

From a motivating home office to a quiet home library and more, you have many great options for creating a space to suit your needs and personality best. Below, we divulge several great ways to transform that extra space into a room you never want to leave. 

1. The Ultimate Home Office

Working from home is the norm for many people these days, so having an extra room to dedicate to a home office is a must

Today’s home office décor is bright, clean, simple, and sleek. Bookshelves are a great addition both for function and character, while throw pillows, rugs, and furnishings in bright pops of color tie it all together. Don’t forget to add personal touches like photos to help inspire you as you work. 

2. An Arts & Crafts Room

If you’re the crafty type, making your bonus room an arts & crafts room gives you a space to be creative in without bothering anyone else in the household. 

One of the keys to building a creative space is making sure everything is organized. Be sure to include plenty of shelving complete with baskets and containers to keep your art supplies neat and easy to find. If your room has a natural light source, make sure to keep it uncovered to allow as much sunlight to flood the space as possible. Lastly, reserve a corner to showcase your work as you finish it. 

3. A Photography Studio

If photography is your thing, turn your extra room into a photography studio. Every photographer knows that natural light makes for the best pictures, so consider installing big windows in your bonus room. If windows aren’t an option, install artificial light and photo umbrellas to create the shadows and light that make great photos. Don’t forget to include a photo wall that showcases your favorite shots for inspiration and for others to admire. 

4. A Home Library

Any room or space can be a home library as long as it’s quiet and comfortable. If you have an extra room and love to read, turning it into a home library makes perfect sense. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves will give the space that library feel, while comfy chairs or bean bags will lend the ideal spot for curling up with a good book. Be sure to add plenty of ample lighting sources so you can use this room day and night. 

5. A Zen Room

Life is busy, and for most people stress is a part of any normal day. Put your worries and your mind to rest in your own personal Zen room complete with a good sound system for meditative music, yoga mats for yoga or meditating, and aromatherapy diffusers for adding the relaxing scents that’ll invite calm and rest. 

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room to do with as you please, consider the ideas above if you’re unsure what to do with the space.