Amenities That Will Attract Potential Tenants To Your Rental

In general, providing a clean, basic apartment is all that’s necessary when owning a rental property. With that said, if the competition is fierce or your rental is in a not-so-popular location, you may want to consider adding some outdoor amenities to sweeten the deal. 

Why Should You Add Outdoor Amenities to Your Rental?

Adding outdoor amenities to your rental can be beneficial to both you and your renters. For example, studies suggest that being outside lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

As for you, adding outdoor amenities potential renters are looking for allows you to charge more for the monthly rent. It’s a win-win for everyone, so which amenities should you add to get the most bang for your buck? 

Pet-Friendly Outdoor Amenities

People love their pets, so allowing them to have them in your rental is a huge attraction. Some outdoor pet-friendly amenities to consider include fenced-in areas, green areas, dedicated dog parks, walking trails, and pet boarding options. 

Community Outdoor Amenities

Socialization is important, especially for single people. Giving your renters community outdoor amenities helps foster neighborly relationships and community. Some of the most popular outdoor community amenities include pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, community gardens, rooftop terraces, playgrounds, spas, and firepits. 

Outdoor Sporting Amenities

Sports and fitness are important to a lot of people. By providing some outdoor sporting amenities, you’ll attract more renters and entice them to stay longer. Some great outdoor sporting activities to consider include tennis courts, basketball courts, shuffleboard, juice bar, weight room, and storage for sporting equipment. 

Outdoor Amenities for Vehicles

Convenient parking is something most renters look for. They like to know they don’t have to walk far from their cars to their apartments with heavy groceries or young children. Also, if your area sees a lot of rain, snow, wind, etc., including convenient parking is a major plus. 

You may want to consider adding covered parking, garage or carport parking, assigned parking, or electric car charging ports to make renting from you even more enticing. 

Secure Outdoor Amenities

Safety and security top the list of things renters want in a rental property. As the landlord, you’ll want to seriously consider the following security measures to help your renters feel safe in their homes. 

  • Security cameras
  • Gated entries
  • Keyless entries
  • Security patrol
  • Lawn care
  • Snow/ice removal

As the owner of a rental property, you’ll want to pay attention to what’s popular and what’s not in and around your local area. Choose outdoor amenities you know your tenants will love to attract more renters, up the value of your property, and increase your profits.