How To Increase The Storage Space In A Tiny Bathroom

The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house. As such, it can be quite frustrating trying to get ready each morning in such a cramped space. The good news is, just because your square footage isn’t what you’d like it to be doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer plenty of room to store your important bathroom necessities. 

Below, we give you several clever storage ideas for that small bathroom. 

Simple Home Repairs That Add Usable Space To A Tiny Bathroom

Here are a few simple home repairs that can add lots of usable space to your tiny bathroom. 

  • Replace a plain mirror with a mirrored medicine cabinet to add lots of storage space above the sink for small, frequently used items. 
  • Install shelves and/or shelving units on empty wall space or above the toilet. 
  • Install towel racks inside the shower rather than outside to free up wall space. 
  • Add hooks to the back of the door for hanging robes and/or towels. 
  • If you have a pedestal sink, replace it with one that has a vanity underneath. This will give you extra storage and update the look of your bathroom at the same time. 

Organization Ideas That Don’t Require A Toolbox

Here are a few suggestions for organizing your small bathroom that will increase your usable space without having to break out the toolbox. 

  • Only store your everyday essential in the bathroom. Store everything else in caddies that you keep in a bedroom closet or anywhere else you have the room. Storing them in caddies will enable you to carry the items easily to the bathroom when you need them. 
  • Purchase a free-standing toilet paper holder.
  • Purchase baskets or other containers to keep your toiletries organized on shelves. 

If you aren’t the DIY type, you can hire a handyman to install the additional shelving, hooks, and racks you need to give your tiny bathroom plenty of storage space.