Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Rental’s Closet Space

Closet/storage space is usually quite limited in a rental. Whether your apartment contains a single decent-sized closet or several small ones that can barely accommodate a complete outfit, the following clever closet solutions can help you get the most out of your rental’s closet space. 

Add a Bookcase or Two

Bookcases are a great addition to any closet – big or small. Not only are they not just for books, but they can increase your storage space tenfold if all you have is a single hanging bar and a high shelf. 

Head to your local thrift store and look for a couple of bookcases with deep shelves. The deeper the shelves, the more you’ll be able to store on them. Next, look for baskets or bins that you can use on the shelves to keep things organized. 

Put a Small Dresser in the Closet

A small dresser makes great storage in a closet. Dressers made for a child’s room work well as they tend to be smaller than an adult-sized dresser. Use the drawers to store seasonal clothing and add baskets or bins to the top for additional storage space. 

Utilize the Back of the Door

If your landlord will allow it, install a towel rack or something similar to the top of the door. This is the perfect place to hang necklaces, scarves, and belts. If your landlord won’t let you install hardware on the door, hang an over-the-door shoe organizer instead. The little pockets are perfect for storing anything small enough to fit and that doesn’t require a hanger. 

Embrace Space-Saving Hanger Systems

You’ve seen them. They allow you to hang multiple hangers in the same space that one hanger takes up with each hanger hanging slightly lower than the one above. You can triple or quadruple your hanging closet space using this method, which works especially well for seasonal clothing and outfits you don’t wear all the time. 

Make Use of that High Shelf

If your closet has a high shelf that you can’t reach without a step stool, use it to store things you won’t need often. If you place your items in bins, be sure to label the outside so you’ll know what’s in there without having to climb up to look. Just be careful not to store weighty items on the high shelf for obvious safety reasons. 

Think Outside the Closet

Repurpose old furniture to act as storage outside your tiny closet. From armoires and rolling carts to tension rods and plastic bin systems, you have many options for increasing the storage space in your apartment. 

Rentals are notorious for lacking adequate storage space. If your apartment has small closets, use the tips above to get the most out of these tiny spaces.