How To Choose The Right Size Window Shutters For Your Home

Window shutters – not every home should have them, but for the ones that should, they add a charm and interest other elements can’t match. When it comes to adding window shutters to your home, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Size does matter, so if you’re not sure what size is best, read the information below. 

Authentic Shutters vs. Fake Shutters

Many homes today feature “fake” shutters that sometimes look odd. They are obvious flat replicas of the real thing, meant to give the illusion of actual shutters. Unfortunately, these replicas do little in the way of adding aesthetic appeal to your home. Often, they are ill-sized, which makes them look odd despite their intended purpose. 

Size Matters in Window Shutter Design

Window shutters – authentic or not – should look as if they can be closed over the windows they flank. This means each shutter should measure one-half the width of the window. Also, the shutters should be mounted on the window trim itself and not next to the trim where they obviously won’t be able to close properly, if so desired. 

Authentic window shutters also have hinges to swing on for opening and closing as well as hooks to keep them from flapping in the breeze when open. Even if you never intend to close your window shutters, it’s these tiny details that give an authentic look that lends the most to your home’s curb appeal. 

Finally, window shutters should extend the entire length of the window, including the frame. Should they ever close, they must cover the window completely for the most benefit. Again, you may never intend to close your shutters, but the effect should be that you could if you wanted to. 

Without a doubt, window shutters add charm and interest to the outside of certain types of houses. If yours has “fake” shutters or you’re thinking of adding some where there has never been any, take the sizing tips above into consideration to ensure yours look authentic and up the curb appeal of your home.