Security Lighting 101

When most people think of security lighting, they think of bright lights mounted high on an exterior wall that comes on when motion is detected. These are the common features of a security light, with the added feature of being weather-proof to withstand the elements. While this type of lighting will definitely produce the brightest and most illuminating path of light around your property, there are many security lighting options to choose from to make your property a safer more secure place after dark. 

Types of Security Lighting

As stated before, you have many options to choose from when it comes to security lighting. The important thing to consider is whether the fixture you choose will put the light where you need it. Your options range from high-mounted floodlights that spread light over a large area to low-level path lights that put the light directly where you walk. Porch and patio lighting serve as security lighting, decorative lighting, and area lighting all in one. 

Consider Placement when Choosing Fixtures

Think about where you’ll mount the security lighting when choosing the fixtures. For instance, if the light is to be mounted on a covered porch, the fixture should be rated to withstand dampness, but not necessarily be waterproof. If, on the other hand, the light will be mounted on an exterior wall, it should be rated as weatherproof or weather-resistant so it can withstand the elements. 

Think about When the Light Should Be On and Off

Depending on where you are placing the light, it may need to be on all the time or have the capability to go off and on at certain times. For example, you may want the light to only be on when it is dark out and go off when the sun comes up. Alternatively, you may want the light to come on by itself if it detects movement. Be sure to read the package description closely to make sure the light will function when and how you want it to. 

Style Matters Too

Aside from the functionality of your security lighting, you also want it to look good on the outside of your home. It should coordinate with your home’s style, so consider this as you make your choice. 

Security Light Control Options

You have several options for controlling your security lights. The easiest way to control them is with a simple on/off switch. You turn the light on when you want it on and turn it off when you want it off. 

Next, security lights often have a timer feature that you set. The light comes on and goes off at specified times, which can especially helpful if you’re away from home as it gives the impression that you are indeed home. 

Other control options you have are photocells and motion detectors. Photocells turn the light on when it gets dark and off when it gets light. Motion sensors turn the light on if any movement is detected and then off again once movement ceases. When combined, these two options are amazingly effective at deterring would-be criminals.