Think Twice Before You Buy a Smart Fridge

“Smart” fridges are a thing these days, and for a lot of pretty pennies, you can have one in your own kitchen. What’s a smart fridge, you ask? Well, it essentially looks like a regular refrigerator with a tablet attached to the front. While you’d think a smart fridge would be intelligent enough to control temperature and track expiration dates of the food inside it, you’d be wrong. A smart fridge does neither of these things, but it does allow you to listen to music and track events on a calendar built into the tablet. 

The price for a smart fridge just doesn’t seem to fit its actual intelligence level, so if you’re thinking of buying one, keep reading to discover a few problems that may sway your decision. 

Problem #1 – The Fridge’s Software Stops Updating 

Like all other electronic devices that depend on software updates to continue working, a smart fridge also receives updates to continue connecting to its apps. Most fridge manufacturers tend to stop updating their smart fridges after a couple of years, making that smart fridge you paid thousands of dollars for a dumb fridge after all. Ideally, you keep your refrigerator for 10 years or more, so this is a huge potential problem that should make you think twice about buying this “smart” device. 

Problem #2 – Your Out-of-Date Smart Fridge Could Become Infected

Software updates aren’t just for functionality, they are essential for updating security as well. If your fridge stops receiving security updates, it could become infected with malware. If you use it to access your email or Google calendar, your personal information is vulnerable to would-be cybercriminals. At the very least, your infected fridge could become part of a botnet that randomly infects other devices. 

Problem #3 – Smart Fridges are Extremely Expensive

Smart fridges are extremely expensive for an appliance that will only work properly for a couple of years before becoming outdated. You will spend $3,000 or more for this type of refrigerator, which is a lot of money. 

You can get a nice refrigerator for around $500 or a stainless-steel high-quality side-by-side model for around $1,000. If, on the other hand, money is no object, you can buy a commercial-grade refrigerator for around the same price as a smart fridge and have a refrigerator that lasts a lot longer. 

Make your Own Smart Fridge

You can solve all these problems and still have a smart fridge in your kitchen by mounting a tablet on the front of your existing refrigerator. You’ll still have access to all your favorite apps, the software will continue to update for much longer, and you’ll not have to shell out thousands of dollars for this functionality. 

Of course, you won’t have cameras inside your fridge that let you view its contents, but is it really that hard to just open the door and look inside?