Bubble Chandeliers for Every Style

Bubble chandeliers are popping up everywhere in modern décor these days. While their vibe is a little minimalist and a little fun at the same time, they also offer a whimsical feel that pairs well in many different home décor styles.

Check out these bubble chandeliers below. Who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire you to put one up in your kitchen or living room, too. 

Bubble Chandeliers

Bubble chandeliers are reminiscent of bubble clusters. Whether suspended from a single center stem or from individual chains, these clusters form a fun and modern touch that not only pairs well with modern styles but also with other types of home décor as well. 

Bubble chandeliers look great suspended over dining room tables, beds, and in living areas as they add a fun, elegant, and surprising touch to almost any type of décor in your home. 

Bubble Light Styles


Made from varying sizes of glass bubbles, with the globes in random placement, an asymmetrical bubble chandelier creates a surprisingly striking centerpiece over a dining room table or in a formal living room. 

Contemporary Bubble Chandelier

For a modern, contemporary look, a bubble chandelier with white globes gives off a soft glow that works well in a bathroom.

Clear Glass Bubbles

Simple in style but stunning to the eye, a clear glass bubble chandelier requires just one light bulb but delivers reflective and adequate light throughout the room. 

Mini Bubble Pendants

If you’re looking to try the bubble chandelier trend on a smaller scale, mini bubble pendants may be more to your liking. Designed with four bubbles stacked on top of each other in descending sizes, this style places light directly where you need it through a hole in the center. 

Minimalist Bubble Light

Combining vintage style and modern design, the minimalist bubble light has clear glass bubble globes and unfinished brass hardware. The result is a simple look that pairs well with many home decor designs.