Bathroom Shower Remodels That Will Transform Your Bathroom

Although the bathroom is the most often used room in the house, it’s also considered an oasis – a relaxing space – where one goes to rejuvenate after a hard day. If your bathroom is feeling less like an oasis these days, it’s likely time for a refresh. Check out these shower remodeling ideas for inspiration in transforming your bathroom into the oasis you envision. 

The Shower/Tub Combo

Although this shower remodel is commonly found in most homes, you have many options when it comes to the type of tub/shower you install. For example, you could go with the traditional tub surrounded on three sides with included showerhead on the wall. Or, you could choose a free-standing tub that is open on all sides. 

The choice is up to you, so take into consideration how much space you have and what type of vibe you’re going for. This option works well in smaller bathrooms with not enough space for a separate tub and shower install. 

Walk-in Shower

If your bathroom can accommodate separate tub and shower units, a walk-in shower might be just the feature you’re looking for to jazz up the space. Walk-in showers can be freestanding or surrounded on one or more sides by walls, and they can be square, rectangle, curved, or rounded in shape. A walk-in shower is ideal if your bathroom is oddly shaped as it can be custom-designed to fit odd dimensions. 

Make Lighting A Priority

Having plenty of light in the shower can greatly increase your enjoyment while bathing. If possible, install a window near the shower to allow natural light to flood the space. If installing a window isn’t an option, opt for recessed lighting instead. Recessed lighting – a must-have, according to most home buyers these days – spreads light over a wider area and adds a modern touch to the room’s décor. 

Along with natural and recessed lighting, use mirrors and/or chrome finishes to bounce light around the room to brighten the space. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom Tile

Whether your bathroom already has tile or not, a tile upgrade can bring the room’s design together for a spectacular look. Use the rule of three when deciding what tile to install, which says no more than three tiles of the same color palette in the same space to limit distractions. 

Keep in mind when choosing tile for your bathroom that size and shape matter. Choose tiles in different sizes to create interest in the room, and pay attention to the shape of the tile, especially when choosing floor tile. Opt for a tile with rounded edges as square edges tend to be rough on the feet. 

The bathroom is the most often used room in the house, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the relaxing oasis you envision. Gather inspiration from the suggestions above for your next bathroom remodel.