How to Get the Most Out of Virtual Showings

Virtual showings are popular as they allow buyers to see the inside of a home without actually having to visit the property in person. virtual showing are becoming more common as technology advances. Here are a few best practices to help you get the most out of virtual showings. 

Look at a Floor Plan Before Taking the Virtual Tour

Ask your real estate agent for a floor plan of the home you’re going to see virtually. This will help you put things like ceiling height and size and layout of the room into perspective. The floor plan will also let you keep track of the rooms you’ve seen and how the flow of the home goes. 

Get Your Device Ready

When viewing a home virtually, you’ll need the strongest possible signal. You don’t need to be a tech whiz, but you do need to know how to use the technology by which you’ll view the home. 

Before the day of your viewing, make sure to practice using the app (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) so you’re ready and on time when the tour is scheduled. 

Ask the Right Questions

During a traditional home tour, you can see and touch everything. During a virtual tour, however, you won’t be able to. You must ask the right questions to determine if the home is worth pursuing further. 

Ask lots of questions about things you can’t perceive on-screen such as how the home smells, where natural lighting comes in, and what the noise level is like inside the home. Ask your agent to take you outside so you can see the curb appeal of the place as well. 

Take a Virtual Walk of the Neighborhood

Using Google Street View, you can take a virtual walk of the neighborhood to get a feel for the surrounding community. Do this either before or after your virtual tour, but make sure you do it to determine if the neighborhood fits you and your family – because you’re not just moving into a home, you’re moving into a community, too. 

Get a Video of the Virtual Showing

Ask your agent to record the virtual tour so you can refer to it later if you have questions or just want to look at the home again. This is also helpful if you have network connection issues during the live showing and miss part of the tour. 

Buying and selling homes can be a but through virtual showings, you can safely look at homes if you’re in the market to buy.