How To Decorate A Small Living Room

Most people spend a lot of time in their living rooms. If yours is on the small side, though, it could be cramping your style. Don’t let its size keep you from showing your personality. Follow these decorating tips to make that tiny living room into a wonderful place to be. 

Does Your Living Room Have Weird Angles?

Sometimes, small living rooms include weird angles that can be hard to decorate appropriately. Rather than fight with weird angles, make them an accent in the room instead. 

For example, if you have a weirdly angled wall or corner, use it to showcase beautiful artwork or make it the accent wall. This will distract from the weirdness and make it a conversation starter instead. 

Make It A Boho Haven

Even the tiniest of spaces deserves to have some character. You can turn a small living room into a Boho haven by adding textiles throughout the space. Add throw pillows on the couch, hang tapestries on the walls, and add a striped Turkish rug for a visually interesting space. 

Transform A Boring Space

If your living room has more of a boxed-in feeling than an inviting one, try adding a feature wall that begs for attention. 

Raise The Roof!

Does a low ceiling in your living room got you down? Raise the roof (not literally), by adding subtle vertical stripes on the walls. Wallpaper that features vertical stripes or some strategically-placed stripes painted on the walls draws the eye upward, making the ceiling seem higher – and the room bigger – than it actually is. 

Give The Room Visual Interest

You can give the room plenty of visual interest by adding a bookcase behind the couch. This not only makes the room more interesting, but it also gives you added storage space. It’s a win-win, for sure!

Decorate With Modern Style

Today’s modern minimalistic style is perfect for small living rooms. Start with a low-profile sofa and add a leggy coffee table that shows plenty of floor underneath. Next, add a colorful patterned rug and a tall plant or two, as well as some wall-hung lamps to finish the space. 

Use Mirrors to Visually Expand The Area

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can visually extend the area of a small living room. Hang a large mirror behind the couch or create a feature wall that includes mirrors to make the room seem bigger and brighter. 

Don’t Get All Matchy-Matchy

Try to avoid getting all matchy-matchy with your small living room’s décor. It’s boring. Instead, don’t be afraid to pair furniture pieces from different eras. Sometimes mismatched but complementary furniture can feel and look just as seamless as a matching set. 

Just because you have a small living room doesn’t mean you can’t interject your personality into its décor. Follow the steps above to turn your tiny living space into a room you can’t wait to spend time in.