Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

We often take our bathrooms for granted. Sure, they’re necessary spaces, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make them into rooms we enjoy spending time in. If you’re looking for ways to brighten your bathroom, here are several lighting ideas to consider. 

Mirror Lighting

Whether it’s brushing your teeth, putting makeup on, or conducting some other morning ritual, proper lighting at the mirror is a must in any bathroom. Ideally, you’ll want to consider lights that mount just above or to the side of your mirror, so bright, adequate lighting is where you need it most. Also, light reflecting off a mirrored surface helps a small bathroom look bigger. 

Layered Lighting

Many bathrooms only have a single lighting source. While this is fine for most everyday activities, having multiple sources of light can really change the way you use your bathroom for the better. 

For example, adding recessed lighting over the shower can really open your eyes while bathing. Another option is adjustable lighting that allows you to change the brightness of the light in the room, so if you want to take a calming, relaxing bath, a bright overhead light won’t ruin the mood. 

Use Wall Lighting to Highlight Specific Areas

Wall lighting isn’t just for the bedroom. In the bathroom, it can draw attention to a specific area as well as add functional lighting where needed. If you’re looking for a unique touch for your bathroom, consider hanging individual wall lights for effect. 

Ooohhh… Pendant Lighting

Another great lighting idea for the bathroom is pendant lighting. Often seen hanging in the kitchen or dining areas, these lighting options are quickly becoming a popular choice in the bathroom, too. Pendant lighting is perfect for adding a spot of light in a stylish way. 

Use Statement Lighting 

If you have a large bathroom, it’s the perfect place to add a large statement lighting fixture. Think crystal chandelier here. The fixture makes a bold statement that most large bathrooms can handle. 

Create a Spa-Like Experience with LED Candle Lights

If you love candles but hate the waxy mess they leave behind or you find it hard to relax when a candle is burning, LED candle lights are a great choice for the spa-like ambiance you seek. 

With LED candle lights, you get the same soft glow of a traditional candle but without the hassle of wax or the hazard of a burning wick. 

Coordinate Lighting to Other Fixtures in the Bathroom

Obviously, you want your light fixtures to coordinate with everything else you have in the bathroom. If your bathroom showcases marble, consider brass or gold light fixtures. If your bathroom is tiled, chrome or cool-toned metal fixtures look great. Another option that looks fabulous is matching the light fixtures to all the other fixtures in the room. 

Many of us take our bathrooms for granted. If you’d like to make yours a space you like to spend time in, try these clever lighting tips to make it a brighter space.