Easy Exterior Upgrades To Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you live in a new build or an older home that’s been renovated regularly, chances are there’s something you don’t quite like about the outside of your home. 

A complete overhaul of the exterior of your home takes a lot of time and money, both of which, many homeowners just don’t have. If you want to change how the outside of your home looks but don’t want to dedicate a lot of time and money to the cause, try one or all the exterior home tweaks listed below. 

Replace Light Fixtures

Whether the exterior of your home has a single porch light or several outdoor lights, switching them out for something new and trendy goes a long way to update your home’s outside appeal. Take into account the style of home you have and choose fixtures that complement it. For example, don’t install a carriage lantern on a craftsman style home, lest it becomes an eclectic eyesore. 

Make the Front Door the Star

A popular trend in exterior home design is painting the front door a contrasting but coordinating hue to the exterior color. In American tradition, a red front door is a welcome sign to travelers, and in Feng Sui, the color drives away evil spirits and promotes positivity. 

Not all exterior colors work with red, but if yours will, you should consider painting your front door red. Other popular colors for front doors right now include navy blue, forest green, and royal purple. 

Speaking of Front Doors

While you’re updating your front door, you may want to consider the entryway into your home as well. If it’s particularly dark, replacing the front door with one that has decorative glass panels on top will let light flood the space. For even more natural lighting, you might want to consider adding glass panels on either side of the door. The bright natural light will make your entryway appear larger and more inviting. 

A final note: If your home has address numbers on the outside, replacing them with decorative ones you can see from the street is a nice touch.