3 Design Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Since we’ve all been staying home more lately, it’s not unusual to discover that certain areas of the home could use a refresher. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but you know something’s off. A few key design mistakes could be to blame, and the good news is, they’re relatively easy to fix. Here are three design mistakes many people make and a few tips to help you fix them. 

1. You Haven’t Updated Your Light Fixtures In A While

Light fixtures are one of those things that often get overlooked in terms of décor. Lighting is a necessity, and as long as the lights work, no one gives much thought to what they look like. 

You can give your room a new look and feel simply by updating its light fixtures. Shop secondhand stores, paint the old fixture, or buy brand new to reveal a freshness that makes you love the room all over again. 

2. The Furniture Is Against The Walls

Many people make the mistake of pushing their furniture up tight against the walls. This creates a weird closed-in feeling that doesn’t encourage socializing or togetherness. To help give your room a warm, inviting vibe, pull your furniture away from the wall and toward each other. If the layout doesn’t seem quite right this way, rearrange the pieces until it does. Sometimes all a room needs is a simple rearranging of its furniture to breathe new life into it.

3. You’re Using Each Room For Its Intended Purpose

Just because a room is labeled a certain way on the floor plan doesn’t mean you have to use it as such. For example, that formal dining room you never use might be more useful as a home office. You have to think outside the box and decide what type of rooms suit your needs best today. You may have eaten every supper in that formal dining room five years ago, but today it goes unused except for the occasional family get-together. 

Consider removing the dining furniture and replacing it with the things you need to successfully work from home. 

Staying at home more means noticing things you may not have noticed before. If you aren’t ready for a complete renovation, fixing a few common design mistakes might make just enough difference to make you love your home all over again.